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Cardiac Stress Test

Cardiac Stress Test

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Cardiac Stress Test - Medical Nuclear Imaging

If a cardiac stress test is the written referral your physician has provided you with, then Medical Diagnostic Scans is here to help. We provide a wide array of medical testing services, and are prepared to handle your test with extreme care. Your physician has requested this test in order to understand how well your heart is functioning during physical activity. Additionally, the exam is facilitated to measure blood flow to the heart, and more specifically locate areas where the heart may have experienced damage. This stress test is also used to measure the heart's ability to respond to external stress, while in a controlled medical environment. Dr. N. Henry Pevsner, or one of his certified technicians will perform the test, and monitor you closely to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the duration of your test. 

The cardiac stress test is just one of the many specialties we offer, in which we use exercise to exert the blood flowing in the heart. Additionally, in order to obtain the results that we need, we use an injection of a radioactive isotope "tracer" which goes directly to the heart muscle. The images we gather may show areas that lack blood flow, particularly when comparing them to the heart when it is resting. Our stress test is generally conducted by exercising on the treadmill. In the event that a patient is unable to effectively walk on the treadmill, we then administer an injection of medication to the vein; which will open up flow in the arteries of the heart. Schedule your stress test with us, here at Medical Diagnostic Scans to begin the road of discovering what is best for your health.

Doctors use exercise stress tests to find out:

Cardiac Stress Test - Medical Diagnostic Scans
  • If your symptoms (such as chest pain or difficulty breathing) are related to your heart.
  • How hard you should exercise when you are joining a cardiac rehabilitation program or starting an exercise program.
  • If treatments you have received for heart disease are working.
  • If you need other tests (such as a coronary angiogram) to detect narrowed arteries.
Cardiac Stress Test


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