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Nuclear Medicine Imaging

Nuclear Medicine Imaging

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Nuclear Medicine Imagingning

Nuclear medicine imaging is one of our specialty services here at Medical Diagnostic Scans, which involves the application of radioactive substances, in order to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nuclear medicine records radiation emitting from within the body, as opposed to radiation that is composed by external sources, such as X-rays. Additionally, nuclear medicine images differentiates from radiology, as the focus is not on the imaging of anatomy, but more so the function. Dr. N. Henry Pevsner and his team are board certified in radiology, and are prepared and equipped to perform nuclear imaging tests, along with many more. Please call us today to schedule an appointment to begin your path to healing, and a healthier life.

Each of the tests we administer here at Medical Diagnostic Scans is relatively painless, with the exception of tiny needles, which are injected into the vein. It is rare that an allergic reaction will take place following an injection; however, Dr. Pevsner and his staff are prepared for anything that could possibly occur. During a stress test, we have experienced patients who may have some chest pain, which actually confirms that they are taking the correct test because our team can detect a blockage in the coronary artery with nuclear medicine imaging.  The tests we perform are intended to prevent a major medical emergency from occurring, and providing your physician with more insight into the best treatment for you.


Medical Diagnostic Imaging
  • Brain function
  • Liver function
  • Gall bladder function
  • Heart function especially the blood supply to the heart muscle itself via stress test
  • Thyroid function
  • Bone diseases
  • Kidney function
  • Stomach function of emptying.
Nuclear Medicine Imaging


American Board of Radiology-Diagnostic Radiology

American Board of Nuclear Medicine

Fellow of the American College of Radiology

Society of Interventional Radiology (1989)

Society of Skeletal Radiology.


Nuclear Medicine, Mt.Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach

Diagnostic Radiology, Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami.

Internal Medicine, United States Public Health Hospital, Baltimore, Md.

Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University, N. Chicago, IL.