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Delray Beach SPECT Scan

Delray Beach SPECT Scan

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Delray Beach SPECT Scan - Nuclear Diagnostic Imaging

For a Delray Beach SPECT Scan that you can rely on, call our medical staff at Medical Diagnostic Scans. Our medical staff is supervised by board certified doctor, Dr. Pevsner, who has extensive experience with SPECT scans. A SPECT Scan is used to examine the brain. It can help to locate areas of the brain where brain function is decreasing. It can also indicate signs of dementia and Alzheimer disease. In addition, it can also help us learn more about patients who have had strokes or trauma to the brain. The duration of the exam is approximately 30 minutes. If you are looking for a more affordable option, a SPECT scan is less expensive than a PET scan or a MRI. Contact our medical staff at Medical Diagnostic Scans today to schedule your SPECT scan with your doctor's referral.

The Delray Beach SPECT Scan is an exam which is often requested at Medical Diagnostic Scans. It involves having to inject gamma-emitting radioisotope into the patient's bloodstream. If you feel nervous or anxious about the exam please let our medical staff know, they will accommodate you in any way they can. You will be well taken care of in our state of the art facility. We use top quality equipment for all of our procedures and examinations. Dr. Pevsner or someone from his medical team will be in touch with your physician regarding your diagnosis and advice on treatment. Call us today to schedule your SPECT scan, we will take good care of you!

Common uses of Spect

Common Use of SPECT

The most common uses of Delray Beach SPECT Scan are to help diagnose heart problems with stress tests, brain disorders, and spine arthritis and infections.

  • Brain disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Bone disorders
Delray Beach SPECT Scan


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Delray Beach SPECT Scanning
Delray Beach SPECT Scan

A Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography.