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Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test

Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test

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Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test - Medical Nuclear Imaging

A Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test can be recommended by a doctor, to examine how well your heart functions during exercise. The cardiac stress test measures how much blood flows to the heart, and looks for damaged areas of the heart. This type of test is cardiological, and measures how well the heart deals with external stress when testing it in a controlled medical setting. It is tested by exercise or drug stimulation. A stress test will also indicate whether one has any heart problems that can lead to disease. The test would be performed by Dr. N. Henry Pevsner, or someone from his medical team. Performing the test will help the doctor understand how your heart deals with an abnormal rhythm, or when blood flow to the heart begins to fall.

The Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test is one of our distinctive features in which exercise raises the blood going to your heart, as well as the injection that is administered into the heart, consisting of a radioactive isotope. The images will demonstrate where blood flow slows down or stops, and is done in comparison to when the heart is at rest. The best way to test this is on the treadmill, and if a patient is having problems walking on the treadmill he is given medicine via a syringe, to open the flow of the arteries in the heart. It gives the same result as a person running. We call this process Pharmacologic Nuclear Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test, and there are all kinds of these. This type of exercise is also called exercise electrocardiogram, treadmill test, graded exercise test, or stress EKG, and it is great for helping doctors understand how you heart can manage when it is pushed beyond a certain level.

Doctors use exercise stress tests to find out:

Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test - Medical Diagnostic Scans
  • If your symptoms (such as chest pain or difficulty breathing) are related to your heart.
  • How hard you should exercise when you are joining a cardiac rehabilitation program or starting an exercise program.
  • If treatments you have received for heart disease are working.
  • If you need other tests (such as a coronary angiogram) to detect narrowed arteries.
Jupiter Cardiac Stress Test


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