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Jupiter Echocardiogram

Jupiter Echocardiogram

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Jupiter Echocardiogram, a sonar picture of the heart, is created by putting the probe over the heart to indicate how the heart is shaped and the ways it moves. High-frequency sounds are sent out during an ultrasound, that a person can not hear, but special equipment can. The scan produces precise images of the heart's muscle, chambers and structures, like within the valves. This type of Echocardiogram can be performed for various reasons, and it will be done by Dr. Henry Pevsner or another staff member from his medical team. It can be completed to evaluate the condition of heart following a heart attack, or to check how well the valves in the heart are functioning. It will also demonstrate if the heart has any fluid gathered around it.

During a Jupiter Echocardiogram, a patient must rest on an examining table while the test is conducted for a duration of 20-40 minutes. The exam does not cause any pain whatsoever. The "echo" is the short name for Jupiter Echocardiogram, and it indicates information pertaining to the blood flow in the valves and heart. The heart muscle must be checked to make sure contractions and movement are properly functioning. In addition, a measurement called ejection fraction, illustrating how much blood is being pumped is also important to perform. An added benefit of this kind of examination, is being able to see if any inflammation, or clots exist in or around the heart. Once the surgery is completed, an evaluation of the heart and and its functions can be done. The heart ejection fraction is usually examined when a patient undergoes chemotherapy for cancer, because it helps to prevent heart muscle injuries.

Jupiter Echocardiogram Palm Beach FL.
Jupiter Echocardiogram


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