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Lake Worth Echocardiogram

Lake Worth Echocardiogram

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A sonar image of the heart in Lake Worth, or Echocardiogram, is a valuable test which identifies the condition of the heart. It is commonly used to evaluate the strength of the heart and how well its valves are functioning after a heart attack. If your heart has an fluid gathering around it, our Echocardiogram will identify this which will allow your doctor to make the right decisions in your healthcare. Using high-frequency, ultrasonic waves our special equipment at Nuclear Medical Scans can produce striking images of the heart's muscle chambers and structures. Performed by Dr. Henry Pevsner and his trusted team of medical experts, it can provide important insight into your heart's health.

At Nuclear Medical Scans, a Lake Worth Echocardiogram is a short test which lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. At our state of the art facility, our Echocardiogram is a simple experience for our patients. They are asked to rest on the examining table for the short duration and will experience no pain whatsoever. Checking in on the contractions of the heart, we can identify how much blood is being pumped around the heart and if it is functioning as well as it should be. Our team of medical professionals will also be able to see any inflammation or clots near the heart, which can be reported directly to your doctor for diagnosis. To prevent heart muscle injuries in cancer patients, or anyone else, our Echocardiogram is very useful. Call today for more.

Lake Worth Echocardiogram Palm Beach FL.
Lake Worth Echocardiogram


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