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Lake Worth Eco Scan

Lake Worth Eco Scan

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In Lake Worth, an Eco Scan performed by the medical professionals at Nuclear Medical Scans is a useful way to study the size and shape of your heart, as well as the way that it moves. Using an ultrasound technology, high frequency waves which create precise images of the heart's chambers, muscles, and valves, Dr. N. Henry Pevsner and his team are able to indicate the functioning of the heart and locate any misplaces fluid. It is a completely painless procedure which takes up to 40 minutes. Useful for heart attack patients, our eco scan can provide valuable information about the state of your heart.

At Nuclear Medical Scans, our Lake Worth Eco Scan is simple and easy. While you, our patient, rests on the table, Dr. Pevsner or a trusted professional from his staff will check the blood flow in the valves of your heart, as well as the pressure throughout. When we identify the proper contractions and movements of blood pumping throughout the hear, we can help prevent muscle injuries in the future. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy are primary candidates for this test, since it enables our team to examine the state of the heart before putting it through any further stress. Our team is dedicated to fast and accurate results, as well as friendly service. We will share your results directly with your doctor to help diagnose any issues we find.

Lake Worth Eco Scan Palm Beach FL.
Lake Worth Eco Scan


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