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Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan

Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan

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Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scanning - Medical Diagnostic Scans

A Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan is one of the most technologically advanced services that we provide at Medical Diagnostic Scans. This procedure is also called a bone scintigraphy, which uses a nuclear medicine imaging technique of the bone. It helps to discover all kinds of bone conditions or inflammation, like bone cancer or bone infection that can not be found using an X-ray machine. This procedure involves having to inject up to 740 MBq of technetium-99m-MDP in our patients, and then we do a scan with a gamma camera. This type of camera can take images of the planar anterior and posterior, and can even do a single photon emission picture. You can count on our medical team, and Dr. Pevsner to provide you with excellent medical service.

The Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan administered at Medical Diagnostics Scans is one of the most effective methods in finding cancers that are spreading to the bone. Normally cancers that spread to the bone are traveling from the thyroid, lungs, breasts, bladder or prostate. The bone scan is a routine scan for those patients whose existing cancers need to be checked up on to make sure it isn't spreading to the bones. Call us today to schedule your bone scan. Dr. Pevsner and his medical team will help to start your road to recovery and healing. You will be very pleased with the staff and their advanced medical tools.

Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan

A Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan is used for many reasons including:

Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan For Detecting Spead of Cancer
  • Find bone cancer or determine whether cancer from another area, such as the breast, lung, kidney, thyroid gland , or prostate gland has spread (metastasized) to the bone.
  • Help diagnose the cause or location of unexplained bone pain, such as ongoing low back pain.
  • Help diagnose cracked bones that don’t show up on x-ray.
  • Find damage to the bones caused by infection or other conditions, such as Paget's disease.
  • Survey all the joints of the body on one scan for arthritis.
Palm Beach Gardens Bone Scan


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