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Palm Beach Gardens Eco Scan

Palm Beach Gardens Eco Scan

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Palm Beach Gardens Eco Scan is one of many tools our staff at Medical Diagnostic Scans uses to diagnose disease and other conditions in our patients. An Eco scan might be necessary for several different reasons. For example, if you have just suffered a heart attack, an Eco scan would help to determine how well your heart is working. It can also test if the valves inside your heart have the right motion. In addition, an echo-cardiogram can help us see any fluid that is circulating around your heart. We use an ultrasound or sonar scan to capture the images we need. A probe is placed directly over the heart and it illustrates the way the heart is moving, as well as the size and shape of the heart. More often than not, our tests and procedures indicate what could be causing you pain or making you uncomfortable.

Your Palm Beach Gardens Eco Scan, will be performed by our medical team and Dr. N. Henry Pevsner, an expert on the conditions of the heart. This Eco scan won't cause you any pain and will last up to 40 minutes. It involves having to inject a small needle into your vein. An Eco scan will help us find which disease or disorder is causing you pain. Our medical staff will answer any questions you have about the Eco scan and will help you feel as comfortable as possible. Call Medical Diagnostic Scans today to make an appointment for your Eco Scan.

Palm Beach Gardens Eco Scan Palm Beach FL.
Palm Beach Gardens Eco Scan


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