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Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan

Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan

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Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan - Nuclear Medicine Scanning, Inc.

The Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan is one of the most requested scans we provide at our clinic, Medical Diagnostic Scans. The Hida scan is excellent at finding persistent or vague pains in the upper abdomen. It is also one of the best scans on the market for determining whether the liver and gallbladder are functioning as well as they should be. This type of exam needs uninterrupted attention and a joint effort to yield the best outcome possible. The Hida Scan will be done by Dr. Pevsner and his board certified medical team. Contact Medical Diagnostic Scans today to make an appointment for your Hida Scan.

The Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan offers an in-depth look at what is causing your abdominal pain. The Hida Scan is used to make images that help us determine how well your gallbladder and biliary system are functioning. This nuclear medical procedure is called a cholecystography. Our dedicated staff will answer any questions you have about this procedure, and try to make you feel as comfortable as they can. We will be in touch with your physician to give them your results and any recommendations we feel are important for your treatment. Call us today to schedule your Hida Scan, you will be in perfect hands!

Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan

A Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan might help in the diagnosis of several diseases and conditions, such as:

Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan - Medical Diagnostic Imaging
  • Undiagnosed upper abdomen pain or recurrent "stomach upset".
  • Digestive problems caused by gallbladder "dyskinesia", when the Gall Bladder does not contract and empty properly.
  • Gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis)
  • Bile duct obstruction
  • Congenital abnormalities in the bile ducts, such as biliary atresia
  • Postoperative complications, such as bile leaks and fistulas
  • Assessment of liver transplant
Palm Beach Gardens Hida Scan - Medical Diagnostic Scan


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Nuclear Medicine, Mt.Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach

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