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West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test

West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test

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West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test - Medical Nuclear Imaging

A West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test is normally requested by your physician. Our entire medical staff at Medical Diagnostic Scans is board certified and led by Dr. Pevsner, also board certified. A cardiac stress test examines how well your heart functions during physical activity. This type of test also measures the amount of blood that flows to the heart and looks for damaged areas of the heart. A stress test also examines the heart's response to stress under the supervision of a medical staff. We either induce the stress response with exercise or by giving you a drug that will stimulate your heart. Dr. Pevsner or a member of his medical staff will perform your test We will happily answer any questions you have when you call us or meet with us in person.

The West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test is a highly requested specialty exam at Medical Diagnostic Scans. While undergoing the stress test the blood flow will be increased during exercise. You will receive an injection of radioactive isotope "tracer" in your heart muscle which will help us get the images we need of your heart. It will show us if your heart lacks blood flow, especially comparing it to your heart while at rest. Our medical staff is dedicated to giving you high quality customized care that you can not get at most facilities. Our state of the art facility has technologically advanced equipment that helps us conduct better examinations. Dr. Pevsner and his medical staff will work closely with your physician to discuss the best treatment options for you if need be. We are a top choice in the medical testing field.

Doctors use exercise stress tests to find out:

West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test - Medical Diagnostic Scans
  • If your symptoms (such as chest pain or difficulty breathing) are related to your heart.
  • How hard you should exercise when you are joining a cardiac rehabilitation program or starting an exercise program.
  • If treatments you have received for heart disease are working.
  • If you need other tests (such as a coronary angiogram) to detect narrowed arteries.
West Palm Beach Cardiac Stress Test


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